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Heron Animation is a free stopmotion animation program that lets you take pictures from a webcam and assembles them into an animation.

Heron Animation is simple to use and has a clean and user-friendly interface, which make it perfect for beginners and more experienced animators alike.

Instant Playback

Preview your animation before it's finished. Loop or only watch the last few frames as needed.

Onion skinning

Overlay the previous image to position your objects more accurately.

Export a video

As an .MP4, .MOV, .AVI, or export the individual frames.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use your keyboard to quickly take the pictures and move through your animation.

Cross Platform

Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Compatible with a wide range of webcams.




Saving as a video is currently not working properly.

To open Heron Anamtion on Linux, open a terminal in Heron's folder and use this command line : ./Heron\ Animation
Heron Animation is still under development. If you encounter any problem, want to share your ideas about the future of the software, or just want to send a friendly message, you can contact me.